How to Make a Sensor (Part 4)


How to Make a Sensor (Part 4)

Welcome back to the never ending saga: Jess almost electrocutes herself.

I had the idea to create an open-sourced turbidity sensor back in February. And I started working on it! (Which you can see here) But then life got crazy (I was writing a PhD proposal, I went surfing for 2 weeks in Lombok, I went to protest some illegal dams in Romania, then I moved to Berlin and started working in an Albanian watershed).

Despite all of this, I really wanted to keep working on my sensor. But, as I’m learning, it takes way longer to build something where you don’t know what you’re doing! (lol) So that’s kinda what’s going on in this most recent sensor update: I’m trying to build a sensor, while also learning about electronics.

I hope you like this sensor update. I'm actually pretty happy that I've been able to figure this all out myself:D And I hope that seeing this kind of video will encourage you to try something seemingly scary.



PS. I still don't know if it really works (I'll figure it out another day)